‘We didn’t think anyone would supply funding for older people to enjoy their lives a little bit!”

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Lee Valley Pensioners Club offers social activities for older people who are often vulnerable and receive no other kind of social support. Based out on the edges of the city, transport costs have prohibited the group from going on any cultural trips, although they have had a long and productive partnership with musicians from Liverpool Phil.

Using funding from a HOP Pot grant, the group went on two theatre trips this winter. They saw Scouse of the Antarctic at the Royal Court, and Sex and the Three Day Week at the Everyman, which prompted “memories of fun with power cuts and waccy baccy!”. For each of the participants, this was their first theatre visit, and it prompted lots of conversation about what arts and culture means to the individual. The group have now been inspired to look at other venues and opportunities, and are now seeking funding for museum and gallery visits. They were encouraged by the way the venues worked hard to be accommodating and make sure that the visit went smoothly.

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