Walton Hall Park – Art in the Park

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The Friends of Walton Hall Park are asking people of all ages to make some art for the park.

They are asking for:

  • Colourful bright pictures, maybe the wildlife that lives in the park or some flowers – the more colourful the better!
  • Information posters on topics such as: don’t drop your litter, put your litter in the bin, don’t feed the ducks bread, stay 2 metres apart etc.
  • A poem or rhyme

Put them on an A4 size paper and pop them in our new letter box at Walton community garden off Blackthorne car park, Walton Hall Park Liverpool 9.

The “Friends” will then laminate them and put them around the park for all the visitors and they will also be shared on social media.

The park has thousands of visitors and they want to cheer everyone up and make the park more colourful and bright and get everyone involved.

Children are invite to include their first name only, and their age. Adults can also include their name.

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