Walking football for older adults 55+

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HOP member Ruth Worthington works for Healthwatch and frequently visits different groups and activity sessions around the city.

Ruth recently attended a Walking Football with LFC’s Red Neighbours and found it to be a very welcoming activity.

Here’s what she had to say:

“This is a really active, lively and successful group. It originally started with a small group doing 5 a side and they now use two full pitches. I asked if they could accommodate more people and they said it would be no problem and they’d just split the pitches into four.

“Several players’ wives watch and have their own catch up with tea and coffee at the side of the pitch. They were all pointing out various men whose mobility had improved vastly since they had started coming to the sessions.

“LFC legend Alan Kennedy is one of the session leaders (although he is not allowed to score… and no man under 50 is allowed to score!)

“Alan plays with the more mobile players and the other pitch has older (up to age 92!) and less mobile players.

“Alan has bent the rules slightly as he’s not a fan of traditional walking football and likes to push people to the best of their abilities (even the less mobile game tends to be more jogging/running than walking!)

“This group is definitely for enthusiastic players. There was a lot of smiling faces and laughing and joking and many men were keen to tell me how the group had improved their wellbeing.

“After the game, everyone goes into the café for a social session and Bill (one of the session leaders) gets out his guitar for a singalong of classic songs (song sheets are provided!)”

The Red Neighbours Walking Football sessions take place at Anfield Sports and Community Centre, Lower Breck Road, L6 0AG. To find out more please email red.neighbours@liverpoolfc.com.

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