Updating Liverpool’s dementia strategy – share your thoughts

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Dementia Action Liverpool has been commissioned by Liverpool City Council and the CCG to update its joint dementia strategy.

They have met with lots of people and organisations already but want to make sure they gather as many views as possible.

The kinds of things they want to know include:

  • What is working well currently for people with dementia and carers?
  • What could work better or needs to change?
  • Where are the gaps in existing provision – what’s missing?
  • What are the top three things you want to see in the new strategy?
  • Short term breaks: how can we offer more choice than two weeks in a care home and make the carers vouchers scheme work better?
  • Out of hours support: what needs to be in place so that people do not resort to ringing 999 or going to A and E?
  • Meeting the needs of younger people with dementia better: most services are designed for older people
  • How well do different professionals and services work together? How might this be improved?

They will be collating all the views received to include in a final report at the beginning of December.

To share your responses please email strategy@dementiaactionliverpool.com or contact Ruth Eley on 07786 979997.

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