The Scooter Elite by Thomas Smart

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Thomas, a Regenda tenant, was encouraged to write about his social isolation and loneliness by Wheel Meet Again. Engaging with Wheel Meet Again and writing about his feelings helped with his depression. He has made many new friends and looks forward to being picked up by their mini bus on a Wednesday afternoon.

His Scheme Manager at Regenda has passed on one of Thomas’ poems to share with HOP members.

The Scooter Elite 

As my legs were so poor
I needed to get from door to door
A mobility scooter was the answer
As they did not come cheap
I would try to save £50 per week
The one I viewed was the elite
It was brand new the latest model
£2000 it was not cheap
I did not think they were so expensive
It made me feel dejected
At least I would be getting around
As now I’m almost house bound
It’s the answer to my loneliness
I’ll have a nice meal in a café
This to be I will be happy
To the supermarket I will go
No more time to pass slow
The benefits will be enormous
And I will be so so joyous
Almost a year I’d saved enough
Then to the dealer I did rush
And in him I put my trust
Can I buy a scooter elite
Certainly, you can he did greet
My brand-new scooter was here in a week
The difference it made to my life
No longer am I nearly housebound
And each day I get freely around
To save the money
My belt I had to tighten
£2000 well spent I enlighten


A poem by Thomas Smart

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