The role of former carers

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Role On is a membership led mutual, self-support group, providing a unique service for recent long-term former carers across Wirral. Their aim is to rebuild social contact and organise activities and events to bring members together enjoying recreation and friendship by regular meetings in a safe environment.

The group began in 2002, started by former carers for former carers and membership has grown steadily since.

They said: “We meet at least twice a month, encouraging ex-carers to develop and integrate in enjoying regular support and shared connections from each other. Our free newsletter keeps members up to date with the latest group activities. Planned activities endorse the ideals of the group, encouraging former carers to enjoy the benefits of lunches, events and day trips that they would find difficult to arrange without the organisational and experience skills of the group.

“It is estimated the UK has 6.5 million carers of which almost 2 million become former carers each year. The number of active carers in the UK are predicted to rise. Therefore, the number of ex-carers will rise.

The end of care-giving is a challenging period. There is an increasing risk that past carers will face uncertainty and social exclusion. Former carers are caught between two roles and this period is difficult to adjust to and move on from. Some former carers express feelings of loss, emptiness and disconnection with those they had come to know through being a carer.”

To find out more, please contact Role On directly.

Telephone  07766648941


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