The Living Planet poems by FACT’s Digital Ambassadors

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FACT’s Digital Ambassadors have been busy while in lockdown.

The group has been doing weekly creative activities in response to FACT’s new online programme, The Living Planet – a new online programme that explores our relationship with the natural world.

The Living Planet will look at how we can build a more sustainable, responsible global community. In the midst of a global pandemic, we are all trying to find ways to connect with each other and the world around us and although our building may be closed, we are still open, creating moments where people, art and technology meet and merge.

Jenny Watts, Learning Producer at FACT, explained: We’ve been doing weekly activities related to the ‘Living Planet’ which is the theme for FACT this year – this could be a sound clip, a poem, image, video. The Digital Ambassadors have been responding in such creative ways! I think more than ever at the moment we’re appreciating nature so it’s ace to see what they’ve all been up to in their gardens.”

We are delighted to share with HOP members two poems written by two of the Digital Ambassadors:

Wonderful Planet Earth: Beautiful Animals & Nature by Anna Reid

Ambient music, circling and fluid in motion, swirling around, up and down. All encompassing. All enveloping.

Ambient , calming and restful. Soporific, ceaseless, sleepy.  Maybe monotonous.

musical notes repeating. Sounds stupify and surrender. Sounds overpower and annoy.  More modulation needed.

No smell in 2D – musty, mousey, rancid, ratty, fishy, bovine stench.

No touch in 2D – fur and fluff. Carapace and shell. Scale and slime. Bite, sting, lick, nuzzle. Tickly insect legs.

3D sight – curled up sleeping. Trotting and climbing. Flapping and gliding in ocean and sky.

3D sound – sing and chirp a sweet song, grunt of swine. Lupine bark and howl.

Taste live oysters as they slip and slither. Carnivores taste as they chomp and chew, as they swallow and scoff.

Lockdown: birds sing and tweat. Volume high, tone melifluous, melody sweet.

Sunshine: rays and beams sparkle, glint and gleam. Bees and butterflies buzz and flutter.


Poem by Corinne Jones

If I could stay here in this place for ever

If I could stay here with this beauty

If I could capture such peace and magic

Life would be so much better


If I could talk to these beautiful trees

I would listen to their wisdom and stories

I would listen to the sound of gurgling water

Then make peace with the world around me


If I could just sit here and close my eyes

I could feel the enchanting whispers of the foliage

The world would pass me by and let my mind rest

I could become one with nature and float away with the breeze


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