The Atkinson – new digital exhibition and reopening

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The Atkinson in Southport has a new online exhibition called The Landing: Becky Atherton, Bob Heath & Samantha Aylwin. 

Becky Atherton

Through her work, Becky explores the mythological representation of women and how stories have been influenced and re-engineered by patriarchy. She looks at how women have been written out of folklore and how stories have been changed to fit in with this ideology.

Bob Heath

Many of the paintings on display were painted during lockdown. They are reflections on confinement, loss, the unfolding situation. Bob’s paintings are informed by history, the media and nature. He uses known symbols as reference points for the observer to contemplate the works narratives, aware that the narrative will change according to the consciousness of the individual observing and perhaps this is the only place paintings really exist.

Samantha Aylwin

The work on display was created out of response to the poetry that a place or moment (or tree quite often) inspires in the way that it tells a story, of loss and hope; of questions involving our relationship with and in nature and to each other. Sam’s artwork become contemplations, her conversation with life.

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The Atkinson is also opening to the public from 27 July 2020 and information regarding this is available below:

The Atkinson is situated close to Southport railway station so for those who are happy to use public transport there are two new exhibitions on the first floor of the gallery.

Brick Wonders transports you around the world to ancient, modern & natural wonders, recreated from half a million LEGO® bricks by Warren Elsmore and his team.

Eagle : 1950 – 2020 Featuring original artwork by numerous contributing artists as well as original memorabilia, the exhibition tells the story of ‘Eagle’ comic from 1950 to the present day.

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