Ten Words on engaging the creative spirit

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The Ten Words project takes ten suggestions for getting more involved with our city and gave them to local artists to develop creative responses.

Simon Rhodes, director of Smiling Wolf, gave a keynote speech on Engaging the Creative Spirit to an audience on Liverpool’s Waterfront in May 2013. Engage Liverpool took his ten suggestions and gave them to local artists, illustrators and graphic designers.

The contributors created ten wonderful images for each of the ten words – Absorb. Wander. Say hello. Capture good ideas. Take risks. Join the dots. Embrace the spaces in-between. Disrupt your routine. Grumble. Get involved.

Click here to view the Ten Words booklet.

About Engage Liverpool
Engage Liverpool is a resident-led social enterprise founded in 2007 to make Liverpool city centre and  waterfront a place where people would want to live out their whole lives and not simple for a brief transitional moment during their youth. Engage uses the Five Ways to Wellbeing to describe their work and ambition to create a sustainable and resilient city centre community:

“Engage connects residents with each other, with stakeholders and with their neighbours. We encourage everyone to be active and to take notice withing their urban world. We keep learning by promoting dialogue and debate and we give back in creative involvement to a city that inspires and motivates us.”

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