Sefton Older Persons’ Forums Christmas Celebration Meetings

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In November and December last year Sefton Older Persons’ Forums held special Christmas Celebration events for their members, with funding support from a HOP Pot grant. Justine Shenton, Coordinator of Sefton Older Persons’ Forums would like to share the success of their Christmas Celebration meetings, with funding support from HOP.

Justine said:  We were delighted to be awarded a HOP Pot grant for our Christmas Older Persons’ Forum meetings.  This meant that we were able to organise musical entertainment at each meeting and also encourage attendance by offering transport and sending out newsletters and invitations to all our members.

“All in all we had 200 attendees at our meetings from the end of November to the middle of December. We have been entertained by ukulele bands, children’s choirs and other singers. We have been able to provide the opportunity for our members to sing-a-long with traditional carols, music from the 50s and 60s and comic songs that really made everyone laugh!

As most of the entertainers were themselves older people, there was a very good relationship with the audience and some of our members are now considering learning the ukulele themselves.  Many of our members find it difficult to get out to concert venues and some costs are too expensive so this was a great way to bring live musical entertainment into their lives.

The two school choirs who visited us were very well received and we hope to do further intergenerational work with them during the year. We were also able to provide Christmas refreshments that added to the whole experience.”

For more information about Sefton Older People’s Forums please contact

Justine Shenton, Forum Co-ordinator, Sefton Older Persons’ Forums

Telephone: 01704 500 500



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