‘Remember Our Park’ poem

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This is a poem written by Stephen, Tommy and Jack who attend Kirkby Resource Centre and have become good friends.

As part of the centre’s reminiscence group they decided to talk about going to the parks in Kirkby as this was something they all could relate to as a childhood memory and from this a poem was created.

Remember Our Park

Down in the park we played all day

Tennis, football and on the swings we’d sway

The cocky watch man would fill the pool

For our long hot summers to keep us cool

Mum would do us a picnic of jam butties and water

And bags full of sweets what you got by the quarter

The cocky will sit alone in his hut till the time came for the gates to be shut

He’d lock the gates and let no one in

And the rubbish he’d pick up and put in the bin

Then home he would go with a whistle and a grin and when he’d gone we would sneak in


Written by Stephen, Tommy and Jack 

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