Multicultural event brings together generations to ‘Celebrate L8’

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On Sunday 23 June, L8 A Better Place and five other community organisations brought together L8 residents for ‘Celebrate L8’ an intergenerational event celebrating tradition and cultures from across the globe. HOP is delighted to have supported this fantastic event with a HOP Pot small grant.

Over 350 people attended event at the Pakistan Centre (PAL), all of whom had the opportunity to sample foods from different countries and learn about the cultures and traditions of their neighbours.

Aside from bringing people together, the aim was to bridge the generation gap in the area, as community elders were worried that young people were not aware of the traditions of their families. The event was an opportunity to showcase the diversity of music, dance and cuisine in the area, and many of the participants had learned and practised traditional dances in workshops prior to the event.

Somali, Pakistani and Sudanese women performed spectacular dances and rituals, and a group of Yemeni men and boys showed their traditional dance steps. This led to several impromptu performances from each community.

It was a day full of activities for families, which included a fashion show of traditional clothing, henna tattooing, lessons in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, and a bouncy castle! Beautiful artefacts and colourful fabrics were also displayed on stalls, giving people a flavour of the arts and crafts of each country.

When asked to review the event, most of the attendees mentioned their excitement at seeing so many different communities celebrating together and sharing their food and traditions with them.

The L8 A Better Place team plans make Celebrate L8 a regular calendar event for the community.

To see video footage of the ‘Celebrate L’8 event, search ‘#L8abetterplace’ and follow @L8abetterplace on Twitter.

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