Merseyside Pensioners Association coping with lockdown

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Ann Dean, from Merseyside Pensioners Association (MPA), has shared an update on how they’re coping with lockdown. She said:

“Instead of our lively weekly meetings, which we all looked forward to, the MPA has had to look for ways to ensure members don’t feel isolated or out of touch. One thing we did was to set up a WhatsApp group.

“We also started a feature where members draw up a playlist of their favourite music, which has been very popular and interesting to see members’ choices and tastes varying so much.

“We also used some of members talents to arrange a series of podcasts dealing with various issues and also with a musical input from our ex-Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra member Phil – this can be found on Facebook.

“One of the issues proving to be difficult for older people in this period is the insufficiency of good-quality public toilet facilities, making it being harder for us to consider even limited travel once lockdown is lifted. This is an issue we might take up to campaign for in the future.”

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