Liverpool Cares November Social Clubs

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Liverpool Cares is a charity which brings together older people and volunteers to share friendship in Liverpool.

Below is a list of their free Social Clubs in Liverpool for people aged 65 and above. All of these events are hosted by people in their twenties and thirties who want to meet you and hear your stories. Share your skills and learn new ones, all while making new friends in your community!

Please call Abbie on 0151 659 1789 to book your place on any of these clubs. Some clubs have limited space, and it’s important that they know who’s coming along! ​You can also call if you’d like any more information or if you are unsure how to get to the clubs from your home.

Monday 4 November 6 – 8pm: Parlour Games – City Centre

Play some traditional parlour games in this modern setting! We play fun memory games like “I went to the shop and I bought…” as well as tactical games like “Up Jenkins”. There’s charades, pictionary and more. We will bring all of the rules so no need to know them beforehand. This club is always full of fun and laughter, why not give it a go?

Bus routes: Any bus which takes you into the city centre

Tuesday 5 November 11am – 1pm: Bread Making Class – Kensington

Come along and learn how to make a sourdough loaf at our bread making class! You’ll take a fresh loaf away at the end, and some dough so you can carry on baking at home. Spaces are very limited at this club, so please get in touch with Abbie to put your name in the lottery.

Bus routes: Numbers 7, 8, 9, 10 10A, 10B, 26, 27

Wednesday 6 November 6 – 8pm: Pub Club – Wavertree

Come along to this brilliant microbrewery and enjoy a free drink with your younger neighbours. Our pub clubs are a relaxed way to meet new people and chat in groups over some of your favourite tipples.

Bus routes: 75, 76, 80, 80A, 86A, 86C

Thursday 7 November 6 – 8pm: Creative Writing – Plot twists – City Centre

This month’s creative writing theme is “plot twists”. We will provide a well-defined prompt or plot and write it multiple times, each time with a different ending. An example of something we might write about is “two strangers who each grab one end of an extremely rare record at the same time in a second hand vinyl shop.” Challenge yourself at this creative group, no experience necessary!

Bus routes: Any bus route that takes you into the city centre

Saturday 9 November 12.30 – 2pm: Technology Workshop – City Centre
If you’re struggling with a particular gadget, phone or laptop then bring it along to our technology workshop! We will pair you up with a younger neighbour who will try to answer all of your questions. Learn how to text, email, surf the internet or just get going on that tablet you’ve had lying around for ages!

Bus routes: 75, 76, 80, 80A, 86A, 86C

Wednesday 13 November 11am – 12pm: Reminiscence Session – School days – City Centre

This social club is your chance to chat about your memories of music. This month’s theme is ‘school days’, so get together and tell us all about that time in your life! Feel free to bring any photos and memories along.

Bus routes: Any bus route that takes you into the city centre

Thursday 14 November 6 – 8pm: Craft Club – Kensington

Die cutting means using a machine to cut lots of different shapes from paper and card. Make little people, animals, flowers, everything you can imagine! Come along and learn this popular craft, and you can even make greeting cards from the shapes you’ve made.

Bus routes: 10, 10A, 10B, 8, 9

Saturday 16 November 12 – 3pm: Film Club – City Centre

Sit back, relax and enjoy an afternoon film with your younger neighbours in the city centre! Will it be a comedy, classic or a wild card? You’ll vote on the day for what you’d like to watch!

Bus routes: Any bus route that takes you into the city centre

Tuesday 19 November 6 – 8pm: Singalong – City Centre

Enjoy a welcome drink and some snacks from the kitchen before diving into some singing with your neighbours! We choose well-known songs and provide the lyrics, and our pianist Jez tickles the ivories for us. No singing experience required!

Bus routes: Any bus route that takes you into the city centre

Wednesday 20 November 6 – 8pm: Board Games – Wavertree

Come along and play some board games with your younger neighbours! This club is always full of laughter and friendly competition. Play something classic like cluedo or scrabble, or pick something new and wacky to play from the board game lined walls of this fun café!

Bus routes: 75, 76, 80, 80A, 86A, 86C

Sunday 24 November 1.30 – 4pm: Live Jazz music and Swing Dancing

This Sunday afternoon club involves a 20-piece live Jazz band, and the fabulous guys from Mersey Swing will be there to do some Swing Dancing. Get up and join in, or just sit and enjoy the show!

Bus routes: 26, 75, 76, 80, 80A

Monday 25 November 6 – 8pm: Desert Island Discs – Anfield

We’re back at Kitty’s, and it’s time for some music! The theme for this month’s desert island discs is “winter”. Which songs remind you of this time of year? Share them with the group, and we will play them aloud.

Bus routes: 14, 19, 26, 27

Wednesday 27 November 6 – 8pm: Shared Reading – City Centre

In this club, we provide a short story and related poem, and we read it aloud, part by part. We analyse the text, share how we feel about the characters and guess what will happen next. No pressure to read aloud, you can just sit back and listen!

Bus routes: Any bus route that takes you into the city centre.

Friday 29 November 12 – 2pm: Visit to Western Approaches

We will gain access to this fascinating WWII bunker to learn all about the people that worked there and why it’s known as “the place where World War II was won”. Expect to see unexploded bombs, how staff living quarters looked and the famous “Map room”. There are limited spaces at this club, so a lottery will be in place. Call Abbie to put your name in the lottery!

Bus routes: Any bus route that takes you into the city centre

Friday 29th November 6 – 8pm: Beer Tasting – City Centre

The team from Glen Affric brewery over the water are coming to give us a tasting session of some of their delicious beers! Meet the brewers, ask questions and most importantly, enjoy! Outpost will also be providing us with some yummy pizza to soak up the drinks.

Bus routes: Any bus route that takes you into the city centre


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