Lively debate at Liverpool Senior Citizens Forum

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HOP spent the day at Liverpool Senior Citizens Forum recently, joining a range of other stallholders and organisations. The Forum was launching its manifesto against social isolation and loneliness, calling for the City Council and other local service providers to address this problem through a range of measures including better support for the bereaved, and improved transport services. It was good to see the manifesto recognising the role of staying involved in activities including the arts, and identifying the need to improve ways of getting information about the city’s cultural offer to older residents.

The launch of the manifesto created lively discussion amongst the audience, with more than one member calling for a return to socialism. And there was dancing over lunch. All in all, it was the best meeting HOP has attended in quite a while.

Huge thanks to Age Concern for the invitation, and to the League of Welldoers team for the warm welcome, and a lovely lunch. If you would like to find out more about the Liverpool Senior Citizens Forum, visit the Age Concern website.

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