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HOP member Jim has kindly shared some of his writing with us. He’s written a number of poems during lockdown which we’re so pleased to be able to share with you in this newsletter and next month’s edition.  


A treasure house of information
A perfect place for inspiration
For those who are forever learning
To keep the wheels of knowledge turning
A precious gift beyond compare
For everyone to use and share
There is no finer place of course
A truly wonderful resource



The bus pass is a bonus
And Merseyrail’s a gem
With Merseyside a paradise
If walking is your yen

The waterfront in Liverpool
Along to Otterspool
A leafy walk through Sefton Park
Another crowning jewel

The War Horse Trail in Ormskirk
Walk Southport promenade
Formby sands and pinewoods
Crosby beach and coastal park

Take a ferry cross the Mersey
To witness Wirral charm
Bidston Hill its woodland walks
And Tam O’ Shanter’s Farm

The beauty of the Wirral Way
And Eastham Country Park
See amazing sunsets
When skies start turning dark

This list could go forever
We’ve named but just a few
Around the whole of Merseyside
There is so much to view



The heart of every family
The anchor in a storm
On the go till late at night
And there again at dawn

You find you’re in a crisis
And need to trust someone
No need look any further
Than understanding mum

Her kindly face, her soothing hand
Will smooth your troubled brow
Never known to have no time
She’ll find the time somehow

When tired cold or hungry
And feeling rather glum
You want someone to turn to
Your mum is that someone

No matter where life takes you
Your mother’s always there
So raise a glass of ‘champers’
To all mums everywhere

All poems by Jim Finn

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