Intergenerational Sustainable Skills Cafes launching across Liverpool

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Liverpool John Moores University, in partnership with Liverpool City Council, is launching a series of Sustainable Skills Cafes across the city, and volunteers over 50 are invited to take part.

Taking place in children’s centres across the city, the cafes will bring together older adults, parents and children to learn dying traditions and skills. The older participants will share useful ‘forgotten’ skills and resources, which can considerably benefit younger generations, like weaving, knitting and sewing.

Communities are changing, and statistics indicate that older and younger people are becoming increasingly disconnected; which is why we need inter-generational activities like these, which are proven to reduce stereotyping and ageism between generations, and help to reduce loneliness and social exclusion, particularly among older adults.

Dr Cheryl Bolton, Director of the School of Education at LJMU, commented: “Not only is our initiative a great way of bringing members of the community together, it improves their health and wellbeing and gives them a practical platform to develop feelings of self-worth and confidence, while also instilling fundamental values and behaviours towards the environment and sustainability. We are delighted at the response it has received and we look forward to supporting its growth across the city region in the near future in partnership with Liverpool City Council.”

The cafes will launch at the end of November and individuals over 50 are invited to get involved with the project and share their skills.

For more information about taking part in the Sustainable Skills Cafes please contact Catherine McNeill by telephone on 07543 223 627 or email

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