HOP-funded photo book presentation at Wheel Meet Again

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Image: Wheel Meet Again beneficiaries and HOP Network Coordinator, Emma Riley (far right), at the photo book presentation

Last month HOP attended a photo book presentation at Wheel Meet Again which was the culmination of their HOP- funded film and photography course for over 50s.

Using a HOP Pot grant Wheel Meet Again developed a film and photography course for their beneficiaries in partnership with the Liverpool Centre for Art and Design. The final photo book, titled ‘Liverpool; My Forever Home’, contains photos of and stories about places and buildings which have impacted on the personal histories of the group.

The overall aim of the project was to produce a project based around arts, creativity and local history that would tap into the individual creativity of the participants.

During the project the participants were able to develop a range of skills including photography, lighting, setting and research, by taking pictures of iconic Liverpool buildings on a number of field trips.

The group provided a list of Liverpool buildings and locations which meant something to them, held fond memories or instilled a sense of civic pride. These were the places that were photographed, and each participant has written a personal history to accompany the images.

The hardcover presentation books were created online and are something to keep and cherish for years to come.

One participant said: “If I never do anything else in my life, this book will be my legacy for my family.”

Another added: “The course was extremely enjoyable and there was lots of interaction between the group and discussion about our work.

“It was well worth it as we saw a lot of Liverpool, some of which brought back personal memories and some places members of the group had never seen. I enjoyed it as we went to places all over the city and when we visited Crosby beach we all took different picnic items with us to share for lunch so it was also a social day out.”


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