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Our partners at Healthwatch Liverpool support the work of arts and cultural providers across the Liverpool City Region by promoting their work to GPs and other healthcare staff. Their database is available in all GP surgeries and contains information about activities in your area and beyond which can help you to either improve your health, or just stay connected and active.

Sarah at Healthwatch has sent us this reminder that the day-to-day work of Healthwatch is to ensure that local people are at the heart of NHS decision making, and to encourage us all to get involved:

Healthwatch Liverpool are the ‘patient voice’ in decision making about NHS and care services. We listen to you and provide independent feedback to decision makers about your experiences, current issues, and areas of need.

Do you see the same GP at each appointment and does this matter to you? Do you leave medical appointments with all your questions answered? How could discharge from hospital be made as safe, efficient and straight-forward as possible? These are just some of the things we would love to hear your views about. Sharing your experiences – good or bad – even anonymously, can make a real difference. Visit or ring 0300 77 77 007 to contribute your thoughts.

Healthwatch Liverpool also supports local people to access information, services and activities. If you want to find out more about what information, services and activities are available to help you manage your health needs and get the most out of life, you can call our friendly team on 0300 77 77 007 or search our online directory at

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