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Grow-a-Group is a new project created by local software developers Damibu with the support and funding of Liverpool CCG. The platform aims to connect local community groups with businesses who can offer underused resources completely free of charge. These can be anything from tea and coffee to event spaces.

Firstly you create a profile for you and your organisation. Then you can start posting requests for specific resources that you need, or offer any spare resources and services you have. You can also apply for offers or respond to requests from other groups.

When a connection with another organisation is made, the receiving group provides photographs and stories about how they are using the resource. The business can then share these stories to show the results of their help.

If you don’t want to offer or request anything, you can simply have a browse and see what’s happening in your local community.

For more information, visit the website.

Damibu is a social impact business based in Liverpool, creating health-related mobile applications and software. Grow-a-Group was created because of the obvious need to make it easier for people to join or start community initiatives as well as to encourage businesses to take a keener interest in their local communities.

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