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Throughout July, FACT’s Digital Ambassadors have been working with the artist Rachel Jacobs and creating machines based on the artist’s work ‘The Prediction Machine’, currently installed as part of FACT’s exhibition The New Observatory. ‘The Prediction Machine’ invites its audience to immerse themselves in the generating of data and observations of our changing environment, raising questions and discussions about the changing of time and growing technological advancements.

Using this artwork as a think piece sparked a number of interesting discussions within the Digital Ambassadors group and offered its members a platform to discuss their pasts and their present, as well as their hopes for the future. An interesting theme that occurred in the first of these two sessions was the sense that we are currently living in a time that we once saw as the distant future, and the group discussed how society has changed vastly both for better and for worse and how their worry about how these changes will affect their grandchildren and future generations.

Working with the Ambassadors group allows us to see first hand how these sessions have impacted the lives of the participants. Feedback offered throughout the sessions by participants shows how many of them feel that their involvement with FACT has had a positive impact in the later years of their lives and vastly improved their ability to understand, and their confidence in using, new technologies.

If you would like to know more or find out how you can take part with FACT’s Communities program, please contact Aimee Harrison at aimee.harrison@fact.co.uk or on 0151 707 4416 / 07498 775203.

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