Doreen’s garden poem

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During Quarantine, ArtsGroupie CIC set some homework for budding creative writers in the MyClubmoor community. Participants were invited to write pieces in response to creative prompts such as ‘garden’ with memories, descriptions or stories.

The writers received weekly telephone check-ins and the responses shared were marvellous.

Doreen, one of the regular poets at MyClubmoor, posted a beautiful little piece in the mail and we’re delighted to share it here with HOP members.

A Garden – by Doreen

A garden is something we can embrace.
Bringing beauty, aromas, food and toil.
Vibrant colours bring a smile to our face.
Whilst working with seeds, compost and soil.

We have to mow, prune, water and weed.
In order to see our plants survive.
And the changing seasons we must heed.
To ensure that they continue to thrive.

In the garden are snails, worms and slugs.
Birds, squirrels, hedgehogs and rats.
Ladybirds, woodlice and various bugs.
Not to mention neighbouring cats.

A garden provides wellbeing and pleasure.
A place to exercise, sunbathe or rest.
Bringing benefits beyond any measure.
And a haven for any much-welcomed guests.

Doreen said: “Writing my poem based on the word you gave me – garden – provided an opportunity to become creative again – many thanks!”

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