Digital Ambassadors’ lockdown art

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FACT’s Digital Ambassadors have been focussing on the theme of ‘The Living Planet’, in line with the whole FACT programme for this year.

Inspired by member Corinne watching ‘Grayson’s Art Club’, a recent group lockdown activity was to respond to the question/prompt ‘what is outside your window?’

The responses includes poems, photographs, paintings and drawings and the group has shared some for HOP members to enjoy.

Our Street by Corinne Jones

I’m sitting by the window

There’s a great big world outside

The bloke next door has a lawn to mow

He got no where else that he can go.

There’s Mrs Brown with her shopping bag

She stops right outside to smoke a fag.

A big stray dog is nosing round

He’s got a bone that he has found.

Young Tommy kicks his ball

it shoots over next doors wall.

Mrs Brown is shouting she throws her hands up high

The bloke next door looks over and let’s out a great big sigh.

Time to saunter to the kitchen to have a look for food

There’s a really tasty titbit which brightens up my mood

I’m feeling rather lazy now and want to have a nap

So I finds my favourite human and settle on his lap.


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