Chip Shop Chips

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February 2016

A play by Becky Prestwich

“She’s not going anywhere yet. Even if it’s just for tonight – he won’t unwish it. They can have now. And then years after, they’ll still get a shiver from the memories.”

It’s the grand reopening of Booth and Son’s Fish & Chip Shop. Eric has returned home, over forty years after he left, and it’s time for a fresh start. But old flame Christine has other ideas. Transported back to a time of chippy teas and Northern Soul, there’s unfinished business for these old lovers. Watching teenage love stumble as hapless Lee make a pass at the beautiful Jasmine, is it all just history repeating?

Theatre company Box of Tricks will be bringing a unique theatrical experience to a number of local ‘chippy’ outlets in February 2016.

The story focuses on love at different ages and celebrating the nation’s favourite food – chips! So put on your dancing shoes, tuck into a fish supper and brace yourself for a unique theatrical experience. This is theatre, but not as you know it as audiences will have dinner, a dance and a show all rolled into one!

The company will also be offering bespoke workshops to community groups exploring the themes of community, nostalgia and fish and chips. To discuss a possible workshop or group booking for a performance please contact

Tour dates:

The Swan, Southport -22nd February

Marigold’s, West Kirkby – 23rd February

The Lobster Pot, Liverpool – 24th February

For more information please visit

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