Call for participants: performing arts oral testimony project

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Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) is undertaking a mid scale outdoor performance with local community groups across Liverpool looking at both the past and present with regards the NHS in Liverpool and in particular nursing.

The Community Performance will be carried out by second year Applied Theatre and Community Drama students from LIPA and they are looking for community groups to get involved.

What it is and when:

The performance will take place outdoors in St James Gardens ( next to the Anglican Cathedral) on the afternoon of Saturday 2 May. The performance will take the audience on a journey using a promenade style to look at local history both past and present celebrating the work of nurses and the NHS.

The second year Applied Theatre and Community Drama students at LIPA are undertaking a module called ‘Community Performance as Counter Narrative (CPCN)’ that is all about collecting stories, oral testimonies, experiences and anecdotes etc. in order to take an alternative look at the NHS and local history of nursing. The aim of the performance is not only to tell stories but to share food, sing and dance together; the performance is a celebration of communities coming together. There will be a total of six different community groups taking part all of whom will not  meet until the day of the performance!

How can groups get involved?

LIPA students would like to work with HOP groups to facilitate workshops eliciting stories, experiences (or using other peoples stories from in and around Liverpool), using drama, music, poetry etc. either once or twice a week on  issues regarding the NHS  and and or nursing in the surrounding area from anytime from the 1800’s – the present.

Once they know what subject matter each group is looking at i.e. using a timeline and as the project progresses an overarching narrative will be created by the students to bring everything together in order to create a coherent story line. Together, each Community group will devise a 10 minute piece.


The audience for the performance are the participants that have taken part and their families (the participating groups would be both actors and audience too). The performance is a promenade that will travel and take its audience along and around various areas in St James Gardens where the story will unfold and each participating community group will perform their part of the story to the other participants in the project and family and friends.

Dancing and sharing of food:

Once the performance element is over the actors/audience and family and friends will be led as part of the story to a space to dance, share food and participate in a ceremonial cutting of a cake will take to celebrate local history, the NHS and all communities coming together.

There is no cost for groups to get involved. If you would like more information please contact Sharon Nash, Lecturer in Applied Theatre and Community Drama, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA).


Tel: 01513303379 or 07851 630762


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