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In the last few weeks, the world has changed in many strange and surreal ways.

With going out coming to a sudden halt – indeed, all aspects of life have abruptly changed – it feels like many familiar patterns and rhythms are now far away.

As everyone knows, it’s in Bongo’s Bingo’s DNA to bring people together, be immersed in pure escapism and have a bloody good laugh with friends, family and loved ones – no matter what is happening around the world.

Jonny Bongo and the team still want to keep everyone positively connected and together during this unprecedented time – a time of self-isolation, lockdowns and whatever else might happen in the coming days and weeks. The team know they can keep creating lots of much-needed fun, energy and escapism for everyone, and Bongo’s Bingo Live From The Bungalow brings it all together in a brand-new way – it’s live TV, it’s unscripted and it’s completely bonkers, broadcast from Liverpool in a hastily made studio.

Live From The Bungalow is a crazy mix of Bongo’s Bingo, Jonny’s pub quiz and whatever else the team throw in, with all the classic Bongo’s Bingo music and some of the iconic prizes, plus live call ins, audience dares, irreverence, reverence and loads more. Players are encouraged to donate to the NHS during each show.

They launched their live stream last Thursday night with the aim to bring some raw magic and mayhem into everyone’s living rooms, with a second show following 48 hours later. And as word spread from the debut, the audience shot up from 3.5k to over 100k of viewers, and the show’s Whatsapp phone went into meltdown with 10k messages in 15 minutes on Saturday night. This week is going to be even crazier, with live streams on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, all from 8pm on Twitch. Don’t forget to tune in.

The show is free to watch and the games are free to play – everyone needs a UK mobile phone and must be 18 or over and a pen and piece of paper to play.

Bongo’s Bingo Live From The Bungalow is Tues, Thurs and Saturday from 8pm – fully live, fully bonkers. Use the link to join in:

Twitter and Insta: @bongosbingo



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