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The Age of Creativity team has created an Age UK Inspiration Pack to help Age UK’s from around the country to link with the cultural sector and develop creative activities for their customers.

Farrell Curran, Head of Cultural Partnerships for Age UK Oxfordshire, leads on the Age of Creativity and has been working closely in partnership with Age UK head office, for two years, to help develop more creative and cultural activities locally across the country.

In a blog written for Age UK, Farrell said: “From talking to Age UK colleagues across the country, the answer I often hear is ‘where do you start?’ This is why we have produced the new Age UK Inspiration Pack for local Age UKs and Cultural Sector Partnerships.”

They have kindly shared the inspiration pack for HOP members. Inside you’ll find advice and examples of best practice to enable older people-focussed organisations to connect with theatres, art galleries, museums, community arts organisations, local choirs or dance companies to generate more opportunities for older people.

It also contains information about understanding and building partnerships, arts funders, and support for the cultural sector looking to attract more older people.

Click here to download the inspiration pack.

If you are a local Age UK who wants to develop your creative offer for older people then please join our new free ‘Age UK Creative and Cultural Network’ by contacting

Image: Meet Me at the Museum (C) Gareth Jones.

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