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This month we’re sharing update from the Age of Creativity Festival team. They’ll be focussing on their website rather than a festival in October, as the safest and most practical way to support older people during the pandemic.

Their update is below:

“We had originally planned to postpone the festival and deliver in October, but due to the ongoing situation, we have decided to dedicate the festival website to supporting older people to find creative activities on an ongoing basis.  So please do upload any suitable digital creative events or send us creative downloads that we can share with the public. (

“Between now and October, we will be working hard to adapt our approach to better support the AoC network in the long term and increase the number of older people able to connect with creativity.  We plan to launch this new approach later this year, and apologise in advance for any disruption in delivery as we make these fundamental changes. After all, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ Best wishes to everyone at this uncertain time, AoC Team…all 2 of us, both part-time!

“Our virtual festival website is growing with creative virtual events for older people, so feel free to add yours.  If you have made a creative pack or similar for people who do not have digital access please send it to us so we can add it to our resource page.  Email  We’ll set about sharing the info.”

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