Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton is on the move!

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Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton is moving in mid-February 2017.

The Liverpool head office is moving on 17 February from 5 Sir Thomas Street to The Poppy Centre, 179 Townsend Lane, Clubmoor, Liverpool L13 9DY.

The Sefton Office at 8-10 Hoghton Street is closing on 15 February, and while they have have yet to finalise new premises for Sefton, you can still contact staff as normal by email or phone.

Age Concern have decided to sell their current head office building at Sir Thomas Street and move into The Poppy Centre. This is to ensure that the money saved goes directly into providing vital charitable services for older people for many years to come. As Age Concern are a small team and will only occupy a part of the building, The Poppy Centre will continue to function as a vibrant social and activity centre for local older people, with no disruption to the current or future service users.

The Sefton office was coming to the end of its lease and Age Concern are hoping to find new premises which will be more cost effective.

All other contact details will remain the same, so if you want to contact Age Concern or access any of their services, please do get in touch as normal.
All Liverpool services can be reached on 0151 330 5678 and Sefton services on 01704 542993
Email your contacts as normal or use the generic email address

Please spread the word to the public that Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton has moved NOT closed. They are happy to continue to provide all normal services for local older people as usual.  Thanks for your support.

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