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Do you have a Will? If not, here’s your chance. Age Concern work with McClure solicitors who may be able to prepare one for you free of charge in return for a donation to Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton. 

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The good news is that McClure don’t provide ordinary Wills, they produce estate planning Wills.
An ordinary Will only sets out who is to get your estate when you die and who is to administer it.  However that’s only Step 1.  In addition McClure will discuss with you what effect the inheritance will have on your children or other beneficiaries.  This often means that a Will is not enough.  You might need a Trust as well.  This could be a Trust in your Will or, better still, a separate Lifetime Trust.  That’s Step 2. Lastly, they consider with you where your estate is likely to go next, e.g. you might leave your estate to a son who then gets divorced and then part of your estate goes outside your blood relatives.  This is avoidable.
If you already have a Will, well done you, but is it correct and up to date?  Research shows that 1 in 4 Wills are defective in some way.  McClure carry out free safety checks and if necessary will update or correct your will for free.
We would also urge you to consider a Power of Attorney (PoA).  Every adult should have a PoA just in case it is needed.  It’s like insurance for your house.  You hope you never need it but you are glad that you took it out if the worst happens. Certainly everyone over 50 should have a PoA.  You need two PoAs, one for your assets (house and money) and one for your welfare. 
Without a PoA, if you lose capacity, someone will need to apply to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship.  This is expensive, it takes time and involves the Deputy in a lot of paperwork and responsibility.  A PoA avoids that. If you don’t have children, it’s even more important to appoint an attorney via a PoA as more distant relatives will usually be reluctant to embark on a Court Procedure for a Deputyship or Guardianship.
We have seen many examples of clients who could have protected their assets had there been a PoA in place but were too late because there wasn’t.  We have also seen many examples of families having to pay thousands of pounds in legal fees and disbursements which a PoA would have avoided.  Sadly we have also seen examples of elderly clients being taken advantage of or harassed by relatives when there wasn’t a PoA in place to protect them.
So why take the risk? The good news is that McClure will prepare your PoA at half price and include the Welfare LPA free of charge.  We also let you decide whether and when to register the PoAs which can save you up to £440 in disbursements.  And our PoAs let you keep control as long as you are able.  Many good reasons for having a PoA and no good reason not to!  You can change your PoA or cancel it at any time.

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