Acorns to Oaks poem

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We’re delighted to be able to share a poem created by Travelled Companions. Leila Chebbi said: “Following on from our ‘Acorns to Oaks’ work which we obviously aren’t able to continue due to not being able to mix the old and young.

“So….. We have created a poem that was inspired from our work ‘Acorns to Oaks’  where we took nursery and school children into care homes and participated in joint creative play sessions. This poem will be used to inspire our new show. I have attached this to share with you and HOP members.”



Morning arrives

I bounce

I creak


Get out of bed

I stretch

I shriek


Open the curtains

See the sky

See the snow

I leap

I sigh



Let’s go!

I move fast

I move slow


Socks, shoes, coat, hat

I do it myself!

Could use help with that


Laces are difficult

Buttons more tricky

I struggle along

My fingers feel sticky


Outside the world is glass

Can’t wait to get out!

Unsure of the path.


I skip and slip!

I watch my step


Sharp and cold

Young and old

I giggle

I shiver


Outdoor adventures, books by the fire,

Warm drinks and blankets.

Bumps, knocks and tired bodies.


What will the day bring?


Written By Chantal Loiseau

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