HOP shared vision:

Happy Older People (HOP) is a new approach to enable all older people in the Liverpool City Region to connect with and access the region’s cultural offer.

HOP shared values:

All HOP members:

  1. Believe that engagement with the arts and participating in creative activities has a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of older people.
  1. Recognise that older people are individuals who have different lifestyles, viewpoints, interests, skills and needs.
  1. Have a commitment to developing services and providing necessary training at all levels in order to better engage with, and understand older audiences.
  1. Celebrate ageing and the positive contribution of older people to society.
  1. Actively work together to improve communication between arts and cultural organisations and older people.
  1. Ensure that older people have a voice in the development of the city’s cultural offer and facilities.

HOP Network aims:

  1. To create an effective forum in which older people, cultural organisations, and a wide range of organisations with an interest in the welfare of older people in Liverpool, can come together to share knowledge and develop new ways of working.
  1. To increase the level of cultural participation by older people, and to support vulnerable older people to participate in cultural activity, including those experiencing isolation, physical and mental ill-health, memory loss, and those with caring responsibilities, with the aim of making a difference to their quality of life.
  1. To create a vehicle for older people to influence the development a more ‘age-friendly’ cultural offer in Liverpool, and influence cultural organisations to improve and develop the quality of their cultural offer, facilities and visitor services to best meet the needs of older people and break down barriers to participation.
  1. To collect evidence of ‘what works’, and disseminate the learning from the network’s activities across the partnership and beyond.
  1. To celebrate the achievements and creativity of older people and challenge how older people are perceived.