The HOP steering group was established in 2018. The group was set up by National Museums Liverpool (NML) to give HOP members the opportunity to be involved in the direction of HOP network activity.

The group was set up to:

  • Act as a consultative body to help advise the HOP Network on the issues of access to high quality, age friendly arts activity.
  • Act as advocates of HOP;
  • Support HOP to include community input for future planning including HOP Network events and HOP Pot grants activity;
  • Help HOP to improve access by removing barriers, and to make all groups in society feel included and important;
  • Help HOP to work with a wide range of partners to maximise the impact of HOP across the Liverpool City Region;
  • Support HOP to act in an ethical way at all times;
  • Support the work of HOP in the development and evaluation of new programmes, exhibitions and events;
  • Membership will be for one year from appointment, and may be renewable. Member organisations will nominate an individual to sit on the steering group when appropriate.
claire benjamin

Claire Benjamin

Claire is responsible for the strategic development of the acclaimed House of Memories programme, as well as wider education and community health and wellbeing initiatives across National Museums Liverpool.

Gemma Black

Gemma Black

Gemma is a Commissioning and Contracts Manager at Liverpool City Council. A Social Worker by background, Gemma is now responsible for commissioning a range of services, including reviewing Liverpool City Council’s approach to ‘preventative’ services.

DSC 0625 1

Corinne Jones

Corinne is one of the older members of HOP, but feels young inside. She loves learning, trying new things, and meeting new people. Corinne’s motto is ‘Let life be an adventure’.

John Maguire

John Maguire

John leads on community engagement at MyClubmoor, having been previously involved with creative projects and campaigns around Liverpool. John is a freelance writer and actively involved with Liverpool’s arts scene. He is committed to developing a strong community in Clubmoor.

IMG 1210151

Emma Riley

Emma is responsible for coordinating the HOP network at National Museums Liverpool. This includes planning and coordinating events, marketing and communications, managing the HOP Pot grants process and membership management.

Daniel Ryder

Daniel Ryder

Dan is the Marketing and Creative Projects Officer at MyClubmoor and has been working in the local community for a number of years. Dan is passionate about using the arts to tackle loneliness and isolation.


Justine Shenton

Justine is the Sefton Older Persons’ Forum Co-ordinator and Age Friendly Lead for Sefton. She also co-ordinates the Liverpool City Region Older People’s Forum.

Ruth Worthington

Ruth Worthington

Ruth is a Wellbeing Officer for Healthwatch Liverpool and is gathering knowledge about wellbeing activities to expand the Live Well Directory and the Wellbeing Liverpool website (coming April 2020). Ruth was previously an Outreach Officer for Wheel Meet Again.


  • Individual group members are responsible for reporting back on activities of the group at the quarterly HOP group meetings.


  • Individual group members will review the relevance and value of the HOP Group and the terms of reference annually.

Working methods / ways of working:

  • Meetings will be held quarterly throughout the year.
  • The Group will be chaired by National Museums Liverpool, and National Museums Liverpool will carry the responsibility for final decisions.
  • Topics for the agenda will be generated by developments with the HOP network and a call out to the group two weeks before each meeting.
  • Agenda and minutes from previous meetings will be circulated one week before each meeting.
  • The format of the meetings will be round table.
  • Non group members will be invited to present at the meeting to ensure the HOP Group remains current, relevant and connected to city wide and national/international initiatives and agendas pertinent to access to high quality, age friendly arts activity.
  • National Museums Liverpool will provide administrative support for the meetings.
  • Group members will share information and resources at the meeting and circulate electronically between meetings. Members will be encouraged to take action outside of the meetings and arrange sub meetings with members as and when required.
  • Members will feed into National Museums Liverpool’s internal Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group to support workforce diversity.
  • The Terms of reference and group membership will be shared on the National Museums Liverpool intranet.