70 stories for 70 years

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Call for stories

The Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance (CHWA) is calling for 70 Stories for 70 Years, to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the NHS in 2018.

The Alliance would like these stories to represent your own experience of the impact of creativity, culture and the arts on your own health and wellbeing or that of someone close to you. Stories can take the form of music, paintings, photographs, videos, text or anything else that speaks to the relationship between culture, health and wellbeing.

CHWA will publish 70 of these stories using social media in 2018 and then archive them on their website which launches in March 2019.

Selection process

If CHWA receive more than 70 Stories, the selection will be decided by their steering group. If your story/work of art is not included in the final selection of 70, with your permission, the Alliance will keep it on file to use in the future.

Press and PR

CHWA would also like to ask whether they can use your stories now and in the future to share with the press – newspapers, radio, TV, websites etc.


If you are interested in submitting a story or discussing the form this might take further, please contact victoria@culturehealthandwellbeing.org.uk

Click here to download the submission and consent form.


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