Bongo’s Bingo open to all

Bongo’s Bingo is an all-inclusive event which puts a fresh spin on the traditional game loved by so many. They welcome all to come and enjoy the events, no matter your age.

Anne Gandy, aged 91, is no exception to this. Last summer Bongo’s Bingo had the privilege of having Anne Gandy, MBE, attend one of the events to celebrate her 91st birthday. Of course, they weren’t going to let the occasion pass quietly and in true Bongo’s Bingo style they  collected her from her house in a hummer limo, equipped with plenty of prosecco, and took her and her family to the show.

Anne loved the event, and has come back to enjoy them many times since. Bingo is traditionally a game loved by the older generation which is why it is especially important to encourage all ages to come along. Anne is the perfect embodiment of what the events are about, which is fun, fearless and for-all.

I you are interested in attending a Bongo’s Bingo event visit their website: