Tomorrow’s Citizens

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HOP Member Corinne Jones would like to share her experience of taking part in an artistic programme celebrating 100 years since the suffragettes secured the first votes for women:

“FACT and Culture Liverpool partnered on a project called The Future World of Work, an artistic programme to address key questions around work and working life.  As part of that programme, and to celebrate 100 years since the suffragettes secured the first women’s vote, ‘Tomorrows Citizens’ was created as a public campaign drawing influence from the struggle of gender equality.

There were eight sessions collaborating with the artists Liv Wynter and Grrri Power, organised by Aimee Harrison at FACT.  Those that took part ranged from students, mothers and carers of all ages.

The idea was to work together to co-design a direct action event that questioned the unrecognised labour that women and non binary people do every day. The campaign focused on the important crossovers between direct action, radical organising and creative thinking. Together we worked on placards, leaflets, and a plan to promote our cause.

“Being a woman is work.  We deserve to be recognised and for our labour to be valued.  We deserve to be seen, heard and taken seriously, with recognition not just for what we do, but for what and who we are.”

The event brought us together to talk about our own lives and each other’s. I enjoyed helping to put together the plan and taking part in the day’s event at FACT.  It was interesting, informative and fun and I liked the way the different age groups worked together and leaned from each other. It encouraged me to be more confident and appreciate the value of being a woman.”



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