Together with Yoga – Baby yoga session at Age Concern Liverpool’s dementia day care centre

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Image: Mike holding baby Zac. Mike enjoyed it so much he cuddled and kissed Zac singing songs to him all through the session

Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton has submitted a story about their ‘Together with Yoga’ day at their day dementia care centre to share with HOP members.

“Have you ever seen the effects of a child visiting someone who has dementia? If you have, you know that the effect that children have is significant.

After watching a television series on 4 year olds interacting with older people in a nursing home, our dementia day care Navigations Officer Rebecca decided it may be a great idea to try this in our dementia day care and respite centre. So along with Katie from Titchy Mitch Yoga North Liverpool they planned their first ever session.

As far as we know this is a first to a dementia day care centre here in Liverpool. Rebecca and Katie planned a session which would involve new mums bringing along their babies up to one year of age, to take part in some baby yoga and interact with the clients who attend the day centre.

After the yoga had finished, the mums passed around their babies to be held and cuddled. This was a mum-led activity and mums only let clients hold their child if they felt comfortable enough to do so. However, there was no risk.

During the session everyone listened to nursery rhymes which brought back fond memories and repetition which is great stimulation work. We also blew bubbles and used interactive toys like phones and dolls.

The session was an amazing experience for everyone involved and it certainly brought many smiles and memories back to the clients who took part. Some of our clients spent the rest of the afternoon chatting about what they had just taken part in and it really did brighten their day.

One of our clients Francis Davis said: “That was just lovely, I wish they could stay here all day.”


Image: Harry, nurse Beth, baby Isabelle and her mum Katie during our session

Intergenerational interaction offers a meaningful activity and improves quality of life for people living with dementia.

We witnessed the beauty of children and older adults interacting at our first session, and saw that everyone involved benefited from the richness of intergenerational time together. While there are a few challenges to facilitating these interactions, the benefits appear to be worth the effort it takes to arrange the visits.

We are always looking for new things for our clients to take part in each day and we were so happy that this went so well. As a result we are going to be running sessions once every two weeks. If you’re interested in booking onto our baby yoga, then please do get in touch. We do have limited spaces available at each session.

Our dementia day care and respite centre is open Monday to Friday 8am until 6pm. We opened the centre to help and support those with dementia and also their care givers to continue work, or just have some “me time”.  If you or someone you know would benefit from our services then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we provide free taster sessions or you can pop in anytime to see us and have a look around.”

If you would like to know more about the baby yoga sessions, or the dementia day care centre please contact Rebecca Anderson.

Rebecca Anderson, Navigations Officer

Age Concern Liverpool

Mobile: 07587551448

Landline: 0151 330 5678


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