The Science of Ageing – photography project

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Third year BA photography student, Teresa Loftus, is looking for participants for an ongoing assessed project looking at the “science of ageing”.

Teresa said: “I aim to look at how older people are typically represented in photography and compare those images with the active social and engaging lives which many older people continue to enjoy.

My hope is to produce two series of images which will be used for comparison purposes.

The first will be a series of facial portraits shot in monochrome using an old analogue camera. I want these images to capture the lines of life which we all have and which tell their own stories.

The second will be a series of vivid colour digital action shots of older people enjoying various activities: the more exciting the better but so far I have bowling, bingo and walking and I am looking for unusual or interesting activities that you love and enjoy doing.

If this is something which appeals to you please contact me if you would like to take part.”

Photography is due to be completed before the end of November, with processing taking place before the final submission date on 6 December 2018.

You can contact Teresa Loftus by calling  07976622819 or email

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