Learning Matters Health and Care Awards 2017

The Learning Matters Health and Care Awards have been developed jointly by Health Education England (HEE) and Voluntary Sector North West (VSNW) to showcase the impact learning has on people and organisations, and and the value it adds to cross sector working. More information about the awards can be found at the website.

HEE and VSNW are particularly keen to hear about cross-sector interventions to fuel wellbeing and recovery and to understand the invaluable role the public, patients and carers can play in shaping healthcare for the future. They are looking to encourage nominations for staff, patients, carers and volunteers or for projects where learning has been key in changing the way people think, work and behave.

Through nominations they are looking to:

· understand the impact of learning on the individual on a personal and/or work level
· gain insight as to how (all kinds of) learning effects understanding and impacts on relationships with other people
· better apprehend the change in quality and/or the very nature of services provided because of this learning

Learning can be formal or informal in nature; what matters is the difference that learning makes to how people and organisations operate for the better of the public and themselves.

Nominations are open until 12 noon on 10 April 2017.

For more information contact Jo Ward on jo.ward17@tiscali.co.uk