LiverpoolFC Foundation Men’s Health programme: Mens Health Walk, Anglican Catherdral

Wednesday 16th December, Anglican Cathedral, 10am-2pm.

LiverpoolFC Foundation Men’s Health programme was started in 2005, to work with men aged 18 years, in response to high levels of poor health in the local Liverpool community. Over the last 10yrs delivery of programmes have altered and shifted to accommodate the needs of the community.The programme has a broad programme of activites and are all free to attend.

With the aim of forming meaningful relationships between people within communities the LiverpoolFC Foundation Men’s Health programme brings people together.

The next trip takes place on Wednesday 16th December  at the Anglican Cathedral from 10am-2pm, meeting at BNENC, Breckfield Road North, L5 4QT.

For more information contact Alan Donnelly on 0151 288 8400 or Christine on 07999 857 272.